WOWO December 14, 2023, 7-9pm GMT

The pre-Christmas stress and panic has not interfered with our members’ creativity, so that we have no fewer than eleven submissions for tonight’s meeting.

James Conway leads the poll with three poems, and we can expect the usual high standard reflecting his fusion of poetic drive and lexical gymnastics. The title ‘Barbecue Sauce’ is particularly intriguing!

Last week Mary Hawkshaw presented a sensitive poem in which a sunset led her to muse about the hidden Power that must have created this overwhelming beauty. We look forward to her poem ‘The Watcher.’

Alice Sheridan has demonstrated her versatility by submitting both a short story and a poem., and we can expect a lively rendition. A second short story is also scheduled, by our relatively new member Anyta Freeman.

One of our original members, Seamus Keogh, is reading ‘Scent of a Sinner’. His poems are thoughtful and pithy with a clear poetic colour, and have been popular with the group and beyond for several years now.

Jutta Rosen’s further excerpt from her novel, set in Berlin during World War Two, will throw up unanswerable questions relating to the death of Armin, which was described last week.

One of our most prolific and experienced poets is Kathleen Phelan, and her themes are drawn from all walks of life. We look forward to hearing her reading ‘Piecing it all Together.’

And finally, a presentation by Frank Fahy of a new song by our own Songwriter Grit Metsch, in anticipation of the Christmas Spirit of friendship and gratitude. This song is already online on our website – see ‘Christmas Song 2023’. It can also be viewed on Facebook and on YouTube. Be prepared for a very special treat! And be sure to give it a Like!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the poems, stories and song that the members of Write-On have prepared for you all tonight!


Poem Just a Lad Alice Sheridan

Short Story I Only Stayed Once Anyta Freeman

Short Story Paddy and the Snail Alice Sheridan

Poem Scent of a Sinner Seamus Keogh

Poem Barbecue Sauce James Conway

Song Friends Grit Metsch

Poem In a Picture James Conway

Poem The Music of Winter James Conway

Excerpt from a Novel A Normal Couple, Ch. 30 Part 2: The Funeral Jutta Rosen

Poem The Watcher Mary Hawkshaw

Poem Piecing it all Together Kathleen Phelan