WOWO December 21, 2023, 6.30-9.30 pm

Christmas Special

Welcome to our Write-On Christmas Special 2023! With over twenty contributions lined up, our meeting this Thursday will run an hour longer than usual, beginning 30 minutes before and ending 30 minutes after the usual time.

We can expect a wide range of topics centring around the Christmas theme from the fifteen members who have submitted stories, poems, songs and memoirs for this evening’s celebration. Unlike our regular sessions, texts this evening will not be critiqued. So just sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the show!

Once again, many thanks are due to Anne Murray for her wonderful pictorial enhancement of the poems and songs throughout the year. We are constantly amazed and impressed by the perfect images she finds in PowerPoint to illustrate the written words. Although AI is moving in on her field of action, she will still be needed by those members who are not yet familiar with the new technology.

Our presenter Frank Fahy is teaching us how to present our works ourselves, creating a broader team of comperes. Sincere thanks to him for all his input, tutorials and encouragement in the past year. Once again he has succeeded in starting a number of faltering would-be writers on the road to self-confidence. After a year of Frank’s tutoring, everyone is aware of a strong learning curve! Not to mention the inner satisfaction resulting from a pleasing poem or a convincing short story. A big Thank You, Frank, from all the Write-On members!

Mary Hodson in particular has risen to the challenge and has run several of our meetings with calmness and charm. Well done, Mary. You have set a high standard for others to follow!

The Write-on Group Wishes All Members – Past, Present and To Come – a Happy Christmas and a Successful and Creative New Year!