WOWO December 7,2023 7-9pm GMT

All except one of our offerings tonight were on the agenda last week, but were not read for lack of time. For further information, please see last week’s post.

The exception is the excerpt from Jutta Rosen’s novel ‘A Normal Couple’. Emma and Ernst married in Berlin in 1939, and are trying to live normal lives in an increasingly unnormal environment. Tonight’s chapter deals with Emma’s sister. It will be continued next week.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable evening!

Memoir The Good Old Days Elizabeth Hannon

Short Story A Step Too Far Mary Hawkshaw

Excerpt from a Novel A Normal Couple, Ch. 30 Lolo and Armin Jutta Rosen

Poem My Earthly Ties Mary Hawkshaw

Short Story Paddy and the Snail Alice Sheridan

Poem Piecing it All Together Kathleen Phelan

Poem Death in September Geraldine Warren

Poem Just a Lad Alice Sheridan