WOWO January 11, 2024, 7-9pm GMT

“Happy New Year to all our esteemed members and cherished viewers! As we step into 2024, may this year overflow with boundless inspiration and unfettered creativity, gifting us an abundance of splendid stories, poignant poetry, and enriching discussions that captivate us for hours on end.

Our gathering tonight commences with the unfolding of Chapter 30 from Jutta Rosen’s compelling novel ‘A Normal Couple.’ This segment unveils a wintry funeral scene intertwined with enigmatic family secrets, promising to stir emotions and evoke a sense of mystique among us all.

Anxiously awaited, Anyta Freeman’s short story has lingered on our anticipation list for several months. We ardently hope this evening offers the deserved platform for this exceptional tale by an exceptionally gifted writer.

Reflecting on her past contributions, Mary Hodson has graced us with heartfelt memoirs recounting her rural upbringing. Here she reveals how imagination and creativity were not encouraged in children back then! Expect to be amused – and reminded of your own times past!

Prepare to be tantalized by Alice Sheridan’s narrative on a recipe—though we suspect there might be layers beyond the culinary instructions that will surprise and delight us!

A stalwart among us, Seamus Keogh, will enthrall with ‘Scent of a Sinner.’ His poetry, imbued with depth and vivid imagery, has earned him not just our admiration but also widespread acclaim over the years.

Tonight marks a premiere: the unveiling of two poems by our new member from Dublin, Póilín Brennan. Such fresh contributions always garner special attention, promising new sparks of inspiration and innovation within our group.

In keeping with tradition, Write-On will publish an anthology and perhaps one or two additional books by our talented members this year. The titles and the publishing process will be unveiled tonight for further group deliberation and discussion.

Wishing everyone a thoroughly enjoyable and spirited gathering tonight!”

(ChatGPT’S version of my text; the original appears below!)


Excerpt from a novel Ch. 30, Part 2: The Funeral Jutta Rosen

Short Story I Only Stayed Once Anyta Freeman

Short Story Name to Follow Mary Hodson

Short Story Cock a Leekie Soup Alice Sheridan

Poem Scent of a Sinner Seamus Keogh

Poem The Rise Póilín Brennan

Poem All Souls Póilín Brennan

Review Discussion of New Publications All Members

A Happy New Year to all our members and viewers! May 2024 bring a wealth of inspiration and creativity, providing us with even more excellent stories, beautiful and moving poems, and many hours of fruitful discussion and exchange.

Our session tonight opens with the continuation of Chapter 30 of Jutta Rosen’s novel ‘A Normal Couple’, describing a funeral in the depth of winter where mysterious family secrets are touched on. Expect to be moved and mystified!

Anyta Freeman’s short story has been on our list for several months, and we hope that it can at last receive the hearing that it merits. An excellent story by a talented writer!

In the past, Mary Hodson has provided us with moving memoirs of her country childhood and home. Here she reveals how imagination and creativity were not encouraged in children back then! Expect to be amused – and reminded of your own times past!

Alice Sheridan will be making our mouths water with her stoy about a recipe – or will there be more to it than mere cookery instructions? We look forward to being surprised!

One of our original members, Seamus Keogh, is reading ‘Scent of a Sinner’. His poems are thoughtful and pithy with a clear poetic colour, and have earned him the admiration and respect of the group and beyond for several years now.

Finally, we have a premiere: two poems by a new member from Dublin, Póilín Brennan. Such contributions are always received with special attention and interest, for new members can provide new stimuli and inspiration for all of the group.

As usual, Write-On will be publishing an Anthology and one or two other books written by its members this year. Tonight the titles and the publishing process will be presented for further discussion by the group.

We wish you all an enjoyable and lively meeting!