WOWO January 25, 2024 7-9pm GMT

After the long winter break, our popular Mug of the Month competition is again on offer: a text in any genre of maximum 50 words, to include two previously given words. A fine challenge to practice succinct, pithy expression. This month FINE and TUNE were the two words with multiple meanings, so that we can look forward to a wide selection of versatile uses. Each poem/text/song is presented twice, and then viewers are invited to cast their vote for their favourite. The winner is awarded The Mug, and receives the hotly contested title of ‘Mug of the Month’!

With four short stories and two poems to follow, we can promise two hours of quality writing and lively discussion – in short: an entertaining evening.

Welcome to all our viewers!


MOTM Competition

  • Amadeus Mary Rose Tobin
  • East v West Eileen Miller
  • Haiku Jutta Rosen
  • January Aspirations Elizabeth Hannon
  • Maybe Anne McManus
  • Saying Goodbye Kathleen Phelan
  • The Deer Hunter Mary Hodson
  • Ticknock Alice Sheridan
  • To the Height of the Stars James Conway

Short Story The Storm Joanne Dowling

Short Story Daisies and Strawberries Mary Hodson

Short Story Mystery at Grance Hall Alice Sheridan

Short Story World’s Apart Josephine McCann

Poem One Field, Once More James Conway

Poem My Earthly Ties Mary Hawkshaw

Discussion Submissions for Anthology 2025 All Members