WOWO January 6, 2022

A Happy New Year to everyone.

What will it bring us – more restrictions, or more freedom? Worry and care, or health and happiness?As far as our writing, cooperation, discussions and zoom meetings are concerned, we can take things into our own hands. The Thursday sessions are just the culmination and highlight of a whole 7 days of thinking, probing, writing, reading, creativity and anticipation, and that week after week. What a godsend!

So we’re starting off with our first 2022 session this Thursday. The themes are loosely defined as we feel our way into projects that are already outlined, and welcome first presentations. Here’s what we have lined up so far:

Short Story: I, Goddess by Michael O’Dowd

Short Story: Bridie’s Covid Christmas 2021 by Anne McManus

Short Story: Halloween Party by James Conway

Song: On Galway Bay by Michael O’Dowd

Song: Manhattan Christmas Magic by Judith & Bill Geoghegan (New song + Video)

Poem: Pecking scattered crumbs… by James Keogh

Poem: Bold and Sweet by James Conway

Discussion on two planned publications:

Anthology 2023 & Seamus Keogh’s Poetry Book

Setting writing targets for 2022

And not to forget: MOTM, with the key words Drop & Drink. Closing date January 23rd.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on January 6th.