WOWO March 3, 2022

Novels are again dominating our agenda on Thursday. Readings will continue from three books-in-the-making by Write-On members, as well as from a long short story by Nollaig O’Donnell. James Conway is contributing a short story and a poem, while Michael O’Dowd’s poem, which was merely read last week, is being given the full presentation treatment. Thanks to Anne Murray for her sensitive, artistic input!

An unusual extra is provided by Freelance Proofreader Steve Whiteside, who will talk about his work and show examples. Might be useful for some of our members in the future!

Mug of the Month is a few weeks away, but time flies, so start thinking NOW of how to embed the key words WIND and TEAR in a prize-winning text – words with huge potentials for interpretation! The closing date is 20th March.

Story The Yellow Van Nollaig O’Donnell

Novel The Stained Collar Seamus Keogh

Novel A Normal Couple (Pt 2) Jutta Rosen

Novel Maggie O’Donnell Geraldine Warren

Story The Dancer James Conway

Poem Flamenco Dancers James Conway

Poem I, Goddess Michael O’Dowd

Short talk Proofreading Freelance Proofreader Steve Whiteside.