WOWO May 5, 2022

This week’s schedule of contributions is exemplary for a development which has been noticeable for some time: our presentations are a melange of works, some of them brand new short stories, poems, or non-fiction reports, and others excerpts from longer works in progress. In addition, the agenda in recent weeks has been so packed that items have had to be carried forward to a later session. All this reflects the vibrancy and creativity of our group.

The end of May is the deadline for items to be included in our next Anthology 2023, and the discussion about the table of contents has appeared on WOWO (but been held over) for some weeks. Please, everyone, think back over what you presented during the past Write-On year, so that we can enjoy a lively and fruitful discussion about this point some time in the course of this month.

Last week, Tony Monaghan kindly submitted and read the first chapter of his novel ‘Swimming Through Walls’. On Thursday, it might be interesting to rediscuss this chapter in relation to our expectations of the novel as a whole, and to highlight some points to watch out for when reviewing the complete novel. This might lead to insights which can be applied profitably to other books we read.

Last but not least, here are the two new keywords for the next Mug of the Month competition: BLOCK and BREEZE. I hope you’ll all overcome springtime writer’s block and breeze in with new contributions before May 22nd, which is the closing date!


Story: Retirement by Anne McManus

Story: Chapter 4 by Joanne Dowling

Story: New Short Story ‘Beat 2’ by Frank Fahy

Poem: Arranmore by Brian Ferguson

Poem: Ringrose and Savoury Bushes by James Conway

Poem: Spring’s Warbling by James Conway

Poem: Swamp by Pete Lamb

Novel: The Stained Collar by Seamus Keogh

Novel: A Normal Couple by Jutta Rosen

Discussion: Tony Monaghan’s Novel ‘Swimming through Walls’ by all Members

Anthology 2023: Review of Contents by All Members


  • Mayor of Galway Awards – Write-On Nomination by All Members
  • Write-On Events in Listowel by All Members
  • President of Ireland Invitation for Culture Night by All Members