WOWO 21 October 2021

Looking forward to another lively session on this Thursday, with a fine list of entries of exceptionally high standard!

And don’t forget it’s MOTM-time next week! So sharpen your pencils and charge up your PCs: the keywords are STAND and STICK, the closing date is October 24th, that’s this coming Sunday.

In the past week many of our members received the hardback issues of our anthologies and collections that they’d ordered. What a great feeling it is to hold such a beautiful book in your hands.

As you know, all of our books are now available as hardback, paperback and Kindle Ebook, an inspiring collection catering to a wide variety of tastes in reading matter. It’s worth remembering the old slogan: Shop early for Christmas!

Now for tonight’s programme: What’s On Write-On

Poem: Bog Road by Ciara Keogh

Poem: Deserted Graveyard by James Keogh

Poem: Our Lady of Thurles by James Conway

Story: Granny Margot on the Telly by Anne McManus

Story: Phone Number by Elizabeth Hannon

Poem: Easing by Christine Kelley

Tribute to Brendan Kennelly by Frank Fahy