WOWO September 28, 2023, 19.00-21.00 GMT

Our compere extraordinaire Frank Fahy is away on a well deserved holiday in France, but that doesn’t mean that he is off-screen! He will be operating from Brittany, and has warned us to expect some glitches, but also some surprises! Should contributions fail to complete the journey from this unusual venue, there will be co-hosts on hand who can also supply the material.

In addition, participants whose submissions have not been prepared in advance by Frank and Anne Murray will be asked to have their texts open on their own computers. They will be made co-hosts by Frank, and then asked to read their texts live. To do so, they will then have to click on the green ‘Share Screen’ button at the bottom of their Zoom screen and upload their submission (click on the symbol for the text programme at the bottom of their screen), so that we can all see it. In this way, we can present a lively and novel session, with everybody joining in the discussions on the items and offering advice and encouragement as is usual on Thursday evenings.

Most of the works on last week’s list could not be presented for lack of time, so that they form the backbone of tonight’s programme. In addition, a retrospective discussion on last Friday’s Culture Night, which premiered our wonderful film ‘A Tapestry of Words’, is planned. We can look forward to hearing about other events attended by members, and about reactions from friends and relatives to our own video. This is still available on YouTube if you enter the search words: A Tapestry of Words Write-On 2023.

Here’s to another stimulating and enjoyable Thursday Write-On session!

P.S. Works marked with an * needn’t be opened by the authors – they have already been prepared for presentation and will be shown by one of the designated co-hosts.


Poem Confession Kathleen Phelan *

Poem My Little Beach Ciara Keogh*

Poem It Makes No Sense to Me Seamus Keogh*

Poem The Trail Phil McArdle*

Novel Extract (from) A Normal Couple Jutta Rosen

Short Story The Blue Cow Therese McMahon*

Story extract Untitled Molly Fogarty

Discussion Culture Night 2023 in retrospect All Members