WOWO Thursday, 11 May 2023

This week presents a colourful mix of submissions: the genre ‘Dialogue’ (Mary Hodson) is a newcomer that we look forward to! Seamus Keogh’s poem with its Irish title has been queueing up for the third week, and will hopefully be presented this evening. And a warm welcome to a new participant, Eilis Hannon, who is debuting with her poem ‘Daddy’. Welcome to Write-On, Eilis!

As the Write-On year approaches its close, preparation for the publication of the Anthology 2024 is well under way, and a discussion on its impressive Table of Contents is scheduled for Thursday.

Other items include excerpts from three novels in progress, and four further poems by our most talented poets, besides the two already mentioned.

Not to forget the Mug of the Month competition: the key words are FAN and FLY, and the closing date for entries (to is May 21.

We wish all participants an enjoyable and inspiring evening!


Discussion Table of Contents – Anthology 2024 All Members

Dialogue The Fence Mary Hodson

Novel Extract: Ch. 2 Signs of Happiness Joanne Dowling

Novel The Homecoming Seamus Keogh

Novel Extract: Ch. 26 A Normal Couple Jutta Rosen

Poem Glen Mouse Kathleen Phelan

Poem Hawthorn Ciara Keogh

Poem Leaves James Keogh

Poem Agus mo Chroí Bhriste Seamus Keogh

Poem Like a Dragonfly Seamus Keogh

Poem Daddy Eilis Hannon