WOWO Thursday 25 May 2023

This week sees the last of this literary year’s Mug of the Month contests, marking the close of another wonderful year of creativity! We can expect the usual close competition of poems and texts, this time containing the key words ‘Fly’ and ‘Fan’. Good luck to all contributors!

Four poems follow, including a tribute to our recently deceased member Celia Scully. She is sadly missed – hard to believe that only four weeks ago she took part in last month’s Mug of the Month competition. Thank you, Judith, for your beautiful poem, which perfectly captures her gentle and wise personality.

A suitable Big Bash at the end of the year will be provided by the launch of Frank Fahy’s collection of short stories, ‘A Father’s Love’. Frank will lead us through the proposed launch this Thursday.

Finally, there’s our annual Anthology, which will be appearing shortly too. All members are asked to help in the proof-reading by checking their own and possibly some other texts. This, too, will be discussed at our next meeting.

We wish all members and guests an enjoyable session on Thursday!


Mug of the Month:

  • A Proper Charlie James Conway
  • Breakfast with a Star Frank Fahy
  • Don’t Geraldine Warren
  • Echoes of Saigon Mary Rose Tobin
  • Fan Fly Seamus Keogh
  • Fjords of Norway Anne Murray
  • Flying Intruders Judith Davitt Geoghegan
  • Frank’s Fervent Fan Elizabeth Hannon
  • The Old Lady Mary Hodson

Poem Leaves Seamus Keogh

Poem Homeless State of Mind Thomas MacMahon

Poem Remembering Celia Judith Davitt Geoghegan

Poem A I Anne Murray

Novel Excerpt from ‘A Normal Couple’ Jutta Rosen

Discussion Launch of ‘A Father’s Love’ All Members

Discussion Proofs of Write-On Anthology 2024 All Members