WOWO Thursday, 28 March 2024 7-9pm GMT

It’s that time of the month once again: all our members are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the new holder of the coveted ‘Mug Of The Month‘ title. No fewer than eleven authors have crafted texts featuring the words GROUND and PITCH, showcasing a wide variety of themes and styles.

Our evening’s trio of short stories is as diverse as ever. Deirdre Anne Gialamas’ ‘Perfect Passage‘ explores how every ending paves the way for a new beginning, a universal theme. ‘Tobernault‘ by Mary Hodson delves into the sacred and mystical traditions of Holy Wells. ‘Migrant‘ by Molly Fogarty also tackles the themes of endings and new beginnings, with hope as the catalyst for those seeking new opportunities.

In our poetry section, Mary Hawkshaw presents two pieces: ‘The River‘, which uses nature’s relentless flow as a metaphor for life’s ups and downs, and ‘A Broken Dove‘, reflecting on the fragility of peace and the quest for solace amidst turmoil. Thomas MacMahon’s ‘A New Home‘ celebrates the joy and security of finding a place to call one’s own. Anne McManus’ ‘Emptiness‘ delves into the voids left behind and the eloquence of silence.

The Write-On Group is eagerly awaiting April 6th for the launch of Olga Peters’ novel ‘A Perfect Couple‘. Having already been read by most members, we anticipate a spirited discussion on its literary and narrative qualities, which will shed light on both the challenges and achievements in writing, offering valuable insights for everyone’s work.

Please note: There will be no Write-On Zoom Meeting in the week following Easter. We wish all our members and guests a Happy Holiday and look forward to welcoming you to our next session on Thursday, April 11, 2024.


Competition Mug of the Month March 2024 Eleven Entries

Short Story Perfect Passings Deirdre Anne Gialamas

Short Story Tobernalt Mary Hodson

Short Story Migrant Molly Fogarty

Poem The River Mary Hawkshaw

Poem A New Home Thomas MacMahon

Poem A Broken Dove Mary Hawkshaw

Poem Emptiness Anne MacManus

Discussion Book Launch – A Normal Couple All Members