WOWO Thursday, 31 August 2023, 7-9pm GMT

We are delighted to announce the opening of yet another year of writing creativity under the wing of our Write-On Group. Have our authors been active during the summer break? Or have they granted their sources of inspiration a holiday, so as to be even more productive during the coming season? These questions will surely be answered in the weeks to come.

There are no presentations listed for this week’s session. Instead we will be introducing ourselves, welcoming and getting to know new members, as well as discussing how we go about producing our presentations, newsletters, and so on. And we will be sneaking a preview of our video contribution to this year’s Galway Culture Night on Friday, September 22 – rumour has it that it will be even more exciting and colourful than the excellent videos of past years.

The annual AGM is scheduled for next Thursday, 7 September. Members can suggest items to be included on the Agenda.

The Mug of the Month season is also ready to start, and Anne Murray will be announcing the two key words to be included in the text of max. 50 words which members can submit. The due date is the third Thursday of the Month, and the winner of the competition will be selected by all participants present on that day.

All these modalities will be presented and explained tomorrow, with room for suggestions and improvements. More than enough material to fill 120 minutes!

Have an enjoyable session, everyone!