WOWO Thursday, 7 March 2024, 7-9pmGMT

Our session this Thursday opens with a continuation of Alice Sheridan’s lively novel, a social drama of the Jane Austen type set in modern times. A new family has moved into Grange Hall, and the locals are agog to know who they are and how they can engage with them. But all efforts at finding out are firmly and even mysteriously thwarted. To find out how this tug-of-war between the nosy villagers and the reclusive newcomers evolves, don’t miss the next episode on the evening of the 7th!

The short story is very much Mary Rose Tobin’s sphere, and she is a master of this genre, producing tales that are sensitive, empathetic, lively, poignant, often with a twist at the end. Who is the Piano Man? What can we learn from him? Prepare to be bemused by this presentation by Mary Rose.

Our newest member, Jim Keary, is a successful playwright of long standing. He has been presenting excerpts from his plays, and demonstrating how dialogue can be used to portray character, situation, setting, atmosphere, and all the other elements that go to make a written work of art alive and well-rounded. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our members to see great examples of ‘show, don’t tell’. Welcome, Jim, and thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

‘Intriguing, intelligent, highly poetic, with a clear physical context’ – these words well describe the poems of both Mary Hawkshaw and Deirdre Anne Gialamas. We look forward to hearing two works of the very first order.

Finally, Frank Fahy is engrossed in preparing this year’s anthology, and on Thursday our members will be encouraged to assist him in this mammoth and difficult task of assembling, selecting, rejecting, and ensuring that all details are correct. If your name is not among the authors, it is not yet too late to provide a text for inclusion in this impressive and entertaining work.

Once again we invite you – whether member or guest – to join us in what promises to be another outstanding meeting of our talented group. You can expect an enjoyable and profitable evening!


Short Story Mystery at Grange Hall 3 Alice Sheridan

Short Story Piano Man Mary Rose Tobin

Drama The Other Man’s Grass Jim Keary

Poem The River Mary Hawkshaw

Poem Miriam Deirdre Anne Gialamas

Discussion Write-On Anthology 2025 All Members