WOWO Thursday November 23, 2023, 19.00-21.00 GMT

Our Write-On sessions are tentatively initiating a new phase and fomat this evening. Instead of one presenter introducing all the submissions, our members are being encouraged and taught to Share Screen and to present their own pieces themselves. In addition, with the help of Chat CPT and the picture-creating IA software Dall-E3, they should soon be able to create edited and illustrated submissions of their texts by themselves. To date, this has been done by Anne Murray (beautiful illustrations) and Frank Fahy (professional editing and presenting in sound and format).

This will be a challenge for some of our members, but one which is surmountable without too many tears! The new software is so easy to use and to learn that everybody with the basic equipment should be able to master it in the blink of an eye!

Our list of items this week is long, reflecting the vigour and creativity of our long-standing and new members. It is unlikely that we will be able to include all of the texts in tonight’s meeting. In addition to the innovations outlined above, we are planning to allocate time slots for submissions, so that the contents of future sessions can be scheduled more precisely.

At present we have no closer information on the subject-matter of the items listed below, so remain open for surprises and delights on Thursday evening as our members introduce their texts and read them for us themselves.

We look forward to a very lively and stimulating evening, and hope that any guest viewers will enjoy our session and be encouraged to join!

(See below for Chat GPT-version of the above text!)


Scheduled but not read last week:

Poem Love is Chips Thomas MacMahon

Poem Scent of a Sinner Seamus Keogh

Short Story Never Look Down On Me Anyta Freemann

New this week:

Short Story Seeking the Cure Frank Fahy

Short Story A Kind of Revenge Mary Hodson

Short Story A Step Too Far Mary Hawkshaw

Memoir The Music Halls Elizabeth Hannon

Poem The County Council Kathleen Phelan

Poem Banboo Wings James Conway

Poem Just a Lad Alice Sheridan

Poem Death in September Geraldine Warren


Tonight, our Write-On sessions are undergoing some changes. Instead of one presenter, our members will be encouraged to present their own pieces by sharing their screens. We will also be using the Chat CPT and Dall-E3 software to create edited and illustrated submissions. Previously, Anne Murray provided beautiful illustrations and Frank Fahy handled professional editing and presenting. However, now our members will have the opportunity to do it themselves.

While this may be a challenge for some, we believe that with the user-friendly software and basic equipment, everyone will be able to learn it quickly. The list of items for this week is extensive, showcasing the creativity and vigor of our members. Unfortunately, due to the length of the list, it may be impossible to include all the texts in tonight’s meeting. To address this, we are planning to introduce time slots for submissions in future sessions to better manage the content.

We don’t have any specific information on the subject matter of the texts yet, so expect surprises and delights during Thursday evening’s session as our members introduce and read their own pieces. We anticipate a lively and stimulating evening, and we hope that our guest viewers will enjoy the session and feel inspired to join us!