WOWO Wednesday 14 February 2024, 7-9pm GMT

Valentine’s Day!

For our Valentine’s Day Special we have a wide selection of topics and genres from eight different writers plus ‘Anon’. With a number of the titles promising a reference to the romantic occasion, serious topics such as illness or death will also put in an appearance. So be prepared to be surprised!

Next Week’s session will take place at the usual time on Thursday, 22 February.

The closing date for entries to this month’s Mug of the Month competition, 25 February, is drawing closer! The key words, TIME and TIDE, must appear in your text of no more than 50 words (excluding the title); you can write a poem, a short short story, a memoir …. The winner of the hotly contested Mug will be selected on 29 February.

We wish all participants and visiting viewers an entertaining and enjoyable evening!


Short Story New Girls Anne McManus

Old Sayings Sayings and Riddles Mary Hodson

Poem A Ballad of a Wayward Gardener Mary Hawkshaw

Poem Big Hair Deirdre Anne Gialamas

Love Reflection Living and Loving in Old(er) Age Anon

Short Story Nora’s Journey Mary Hawkshaw

Short Story Les Amants d’un Jour (NEW) Mary Rose Tobin

Poem The Photograph Frank Fahy

Song Traveller Grit Metsch

Poem Old Loves Deirdre Anne Gialamas

Short Story World’s Apart Josephine McCann